Monday, November 12, 2007


Sometimes we meet someone, or we see something, and we are sure we know exactly who/how that person/thing is... but we usualy tend to put more into that than it really is... we tend to see what we want in things, and not what there really is...

Are those leafs, are they made of copper? yes... how come? why? because I want it to be like that... If we believe something strong enough it can come true...... (can it?) Yes it can... but only for those who believe it (or better yet, who lie to themselves)...

People try to be (or pretend to be) someone else every day... why can't we just be ourselves without being judged by "society" and other people pretending to be what they are not?
I'm tired of the "society-me"... I want to be myself... now!

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