Sunday, November 18, 2007

a grey walk

Where are you? I am looking in every corner for you… but there is nothing there… nothing much left there (and here) to remind me of you, anyway.
Too little things remind me of you. Is that good? Is that bad? I can’t really tell… it could be good if I would like to forget u; but do I want that? Obviously not (since I am still looking).

I don’t understand why do we, people, tend to complicate our lives? We do everything we can to make it more and more dramatic, complicated, juicy and foggy. We don’t do it consciously, but we do have a thing for drama… we like to have a life full of events, like a soap-opera.
And I ask u: for what? To be able to say, later on, that we really lived?

Who knows? Maybe… People say that one did not live if he didn’t hurt, suffer…

I agree with the fact that one can’t really know what happiness really is until he didn’t suffer; because if he didn’t, then he would only think that happiness is a fact, a human right or something…

Any side u turn it to, we are strange beings.
And our life is just a road, a grey walk, where, from time to time, we step in something colored, we bump into something with more color then we thought it could exist……… And I finnish this by wishing u to meet all the colours of the world, and for your life not to be grey (anymore)………

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