Thursday, November 15, 2007


Friendship is a blessing... it can get you out of difficult times, it can even save you from depresion and other "grey" thoughts... it can put a real smile on your lips, it can make your heart smile. And how? just by knowing that there is someone who thinks of you? Yes... knowing that someone will be there for you in happy times, but also when you are havin difficulties understandin things around u (even life)... just by knowing that there is someone who understands you, and doesn't just judge you...

But sometimes it can get suffocating inside... it can "stick" to you untill you will suffocate. How can that be? Ironic, isn't it?!? Something that good can become something that destructive... sometimes we have to know when to stop, when to let the "tree" breath...

Thank you! (my friend, my only true friend!)
I dedicate this photo to you... (though it isn't too much, I hope you like it...)

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